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We are dedicated to offering affordable cash advance loans to our customers with the best online experience possible.

Where do you turn to when you need some quick cash to sort out an unexpected expense in the middle of the month? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone that would lend you the money for a short period to keep things under control?

We combine an easy-to-use web platform with outstanding customer service and speedy deposit of funds to your bank account. We understand that you are already in a tight financial situation and won’t make things tougher. Simply fill our online application form, submit the details to us for review, and wait for the money to reflect in your bank account.

Talk to us today and let us help you push through until your next payday.

Bad Credit Rating? No Problem?

If your bank has rejected your cash advance application because your current credit rating isn’t too appealing, you can still come to us, and we shall give you the cash advance you need.  As long as you are employed or have proof of a stable income source, we have no problem with giving you the money you need.

Since we only take a few minutes to review your application, we don’t conduct extensive background credit checks. After all, we don’t want to judge you based on your past. Our primary objective is to provide you with the cash advance you need to manage your situation and push through to your next payday.

Why Choose Gimmemoneynow for Cash Advance Loans?

Cash Advance Loans come to your rescue when you have fallen into a financial crunch before your paycheck period. It happens with every third person. Financial emergencies strike when we are not prepared to fight with them. It is obvious that when you need money, you need it fast. In such circumstances, cash advance loans prove to be very beneficial. 

Most people use cash advance loans as an alternative solution to short term loans as it is a handy option for them in times of emergencies. A cash advance loan is suitable for those borrowers also who fail to qualify for a traditional loan from a bank. Getting cash advance loans is safe and easy with Gimmemoneynow. Even if you have a bad credit score, you may still be eligible for a cash advance loan. In Canada, a cash advance loan is one of the handiest ways to fulfill your financial obligations on time.

Gimmemoneynow has been providing fast, reliable service through its highly trusted network around Canada. Serving hundreds of applicants around Canada, Gimmemoneynow has the experience and know-how to bring Canadians handy, fast and stress-free cash advance loans. So whether you need a cash advance loan or are confused about what to do in a financial crisis, Gimmemoneynow can provide the cash you need whenever you need it and wherever you need it.


Givememoneynow facilitates you with the quick and easy granting of cash advance loans with an easy approval process. Some of the key features include security, online processing, fast approval rate and the list goes on. If you are also looking for cash advance loans providing company in Canada then you can trust us for the following reasons.

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Easy Cash Advance Application Process

Our online cash advance application process is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. You only need five minutes or less to complete filling the online application form. From there, we take a few minutes to review your application before we let you know whether your loan request has been approved or rejected.


Complete the application form

Fill the online application form and submit your loan request for review. The process is quick, easy, and secure

Get a decision

We shall take a few minutes to review your application and let you know what we have decided. As long as you complete the form appropriately, we shall approve your application in minutes!

Get your funds

If your loan application is approved, we shall deposit the cash advance to your bank account within the shortest time possible. Typically, you should be able to access the funds on the next business day

Repay the loan

You will be expected to repay the loan amount and accrued interest on your next payday

Benefits of Our Cash Advance Loans


Secure Process

Our customers often share with us their details including income status. We keep the data confidential and maintain high privacy of customers’ details.


Online Application

Whenever you need advance cash you can always apply online for cash advance loans on our website. Our online application process is quite simple and clear. We keep our web portals open 24/7 just to assist you.


Fast Approval

Once you have applied for a cash advance loan, we would quickly analyze your application form. We would take the necessary steps to ensure a fast transfer of cash advance in your wallet.

Quick Money Transfer

Getting money to meet our financial obligations becomes easy with cash advance loans. We give quick access to money when you apply for a cash advance loan. The money is directly reflected in your bank account.

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Confidential and Hassle-free

Gimmemoneynow never discloses your details to anyone nor do we share your important information with outsiders. We conduct a confidential and hassle-free process of loan approval and never disappoint our clients with delays and refusals.


No Extra Charges

Gimmemoneynow is committed to fulfilling its lending service with utmost transparency. We don’t charge any extra cost or any hidden charge for the various types of loans we provide to our customers. Every fee that we charge is mentioned in our loan agreement.

Affordable Payday Loans
Affordable Payday Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

We not only help you in granting easy access to cash but are always excited to answer your queries. Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions by our customers.

How much money can we avail through cash advance loans?

You can avail of as many loans as per your income status but cash advance loans can be granted up to a maximum of $1500 in Canada. If you are looking for cash advance loans you can contact us anytime and we will help you for sure.

I am a college student. Can I get a cash advance loan?

To be eligible for getting a cash advance loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age wise you should be 18 years or above.
  • You should be a Canadian citizen.
  • You must be fully employed. 
  • You must qualify our banking verification process.
How fast is the approval process of cash advance loans?

The approval process of a cash advance loan is quite fast. Once your application is approved, the deposit usually happens on the same day or the next day. But it is advised not to compare cash advance loans with instant loans.

How can I apply for the cash advance loan?

Just fill in our safe online application form. Our application form is quite simple and easy to understand. Our lending department will take care of the verification process. You will be informed online about your cash advance loan application process.

Is it necessary to have a good credit score to get cash advance loans?

No, having a credit history is not at all a factor in granting cash advance loans. As long as you are employed and have stable proof of income we will provide you cash advance loans.

What are the extra charges for the cash advance loans?

The charges and the fees are as prescribed in the loan agreement. There is no extra charge or hidden fees for any type of loan that you apply at Gimmemoneynow. You can know more about our loan policies by contacting us.

Can I apply for two cash advance loans at one time?

Probably Yes. A financial institution may allow you a second loan if you agree to have a credit check. The lender may wish to assess your capability to pay off your loan in case you apply for a second loan.

Can a cash advance loan be bad for my credit score?

A cash advance loan cannot be bad for your credit score as long as you repay the cash advance loan on time. However, a failure to repay the cash advance loans may affect your credit score. So be careful.

What would happen if we didn't pay back the cash advance loan on time?

We understand that sometimes you will not have enough funds and situations may not be favorable for you. You have to inform us well in advance if you feel any difficulty in repayment of the installments of the loan. We will contact you and help you to come out of this situation.

What is the way to pay the installment of the cash advance loan?

You can always make payments of the installment manually as well as online. For your information, we usually debit the amount of the installment from your connected bank account. So it is easier to pay back the installments of the loan without any worry.